The Carpet Group – A Family Story

In 1987, Michael Lance and his father Robert launched The Carpet Group, dedicated to meeting the needs of commercial property managers and owners. Now one of the largest carpet wholesalers in the Midwest, the Carpet Group’s mission is to deliver expertly installed, high quality flooring products in the quickest time, at the best possible wholesale prices.

Prior to forming The Carpet Group, Mike and Robert operated Plywood Minnesota, a chain of Chicagoland home improvement stores. With an emphasis on superior customer service and value, the stores generated the reputation and goodwill that continues to be the legacy of The Carpet Group.

The Carpet Group has never lost sight of its original priorities. More than 25 years of family pride and personal commitment have built The Carpet Group into Chicagoland’s premiere source for carpeting.

About Us



We’re so confident of our service, we offer NOT ONE BUT TWO guarantees:

  • We Guarantee all of our work in writing.
    Our professional licensed and bonded installers make all the difference.
  • We Guarantee The Carpet Group offers the largest selection of in-stock styles and colors in all of Chicagoland.



The Carpet Group philosophy is simple:

~ Inventory and lots of It, always in stock
~ Low margins/high volume
~ The finest customer service possible

Success in business is based on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. Your 100% complete satisfaction is our commitment to you.



Top 10 reasons for Choosing The Carpet Group:

  1. Price
  2. Service
  3. Quality
  4. 100% In-Stock Availability
  5. Reliability
  6. Company Philosophy
  7. Commitment to Doing It Right
  8. Family–Owned and Operated since 1986
  9. Hundreds of Satisfied Commercial Management Customers
  10. Two Fold Guarantee

We’re honored to be associated with the following condominium developers , management companies, and properties.

  • Cagan Realty
  • Planned Property Management
  • Realty and Mortgage
  • Imperial Realty Company
  • Marc Realty Company
  • Metroplex Inc.
  • Amli Properties Inc.
  • Village Green Properties
  • Loft Development
  • Hispanic Housing Development
  • Marquette Management
  • Irmco Properties
  • American Invesco
  • Lake Point Tower
  • Raphael Hotel
  • 405 N. Wabash
  • River Plaza
  • Crescent Heights Developers
  • MCZ Developers
  • Equity Management, Realty &
    Mortgage Management
  • Planned Property Management
  • Aimco Management
  • Lincoln Property Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Chicago Commercial
    Real Estate Management
  • Anthony Michaels &
    Associates Loft Developers