We know that Better Installers Lay the Groundwork for Quality.

After 25 years in the business, The Carpet Group knows exactly what customers want: efficient carpet installation with no unwanted surprises. Careful professional installation extends the life of your carpet and protects the rest of your property. We hire only experienced installers with proven track records.

Our installers thoroughly remove all debris and vacuum every unit we carpet. Our rigorous inspection process guarantees that you will be able to showcase your newly carpeted spaces immediately.

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of Styles in Stock.

The Carpet Group offers the largest selection of in-stock styles and colors in all of Chicagoland. From textures to plushes, berbers to loops, friezes to indoor/outdoor we have over 1500 rolls and 21 styles of carpeting in our 60,000 square foot warehouse. We’re ready to roll when you are.

There are many different carpet fibers to choose from. These fibers are either nylon, olefin, polyester or wool. They vary in wear, stain and matting resistance as well as cleanability. Before picking out a carpet, let our experts help choose the type of carpet that is best for you.



The following are definitions of the most popular styles which will help you determine the best style for you.

NYLON: Very durable and used for the majority of all carpets made. Soft & luxurious.

OLEFIN: Can't be beat for color fastness and is extremely stain resistant. It lacks the resilience and lush feel of nylon.

POLYESTER: A synthetic fiber that is soft to the touch, vibrant in color and color-fast. Some are more susceptible to oil-based stains.

WOOL: The unequaled natural fiber favored by designers for its fashion attributes. It is the most costly and is the hardest to maintain because of its tendency to absorb stains.